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Pass the Trash - Card Game & Pot Luck
5:30 PM
Senior Campus
Pass the Trash - Card Game & Pot Luck Description:
Event by Bullhead City Senior Campus
Bullhead City Senior Campus
Duration: 4 hr
Public · Anyone on or off Facebook

1. Pass the Trash starts at 6 p.m. on Thursday evening
2. Be at the Senior Campus between5:30-5:45 to draw your seat and table.
(a) Each tile has the table number on the side, and seat number on the other side
(b) After drawing a tile, please take your tile to the appropriate table and seat
(c) Odette will collect the tiles before the game begins
3. Each game costs .30 (thirty cents). Thirty cents need to be placed on the table in front of each player before each game starts.
4. The person in seat #1 at each tableis the dealer of the first game (hand).
(a) The person to the right of you cutsthe cards.
(b) Each person deals two (2) rounds.
(c) Pass the deck of cards to your left for the next person to deal.
5. Aces are the lowest card. Kings are the highest card.
(a) Kings are the only “Safe Card”.
(b) Keep it and turn it face up immediately.
(c) A King guarantees that you win that round.
(d) All other cards are to be face down, and each player will look at their individual card.
6. After each player has been dealt a card:
(a) The person to the left of the dealer is the first person to take their turn. Do Not take your turn out of turn.
(b) You can keep your card, or give it to the person on your left.
(c) Take their card.
(d) That person can trade their card to their left and take that player's card.
(e) If the person to the left of you has a King, you have to keep the card you have. It becomes the next person's turn to the left of the person with the King.
7. After everyone has taken their turn, the dealer has the right to:
(a) Keep the card they have or
(b) Turn another card up from the deck.
(c) That’s called a (Hit).
8. The dealer then announces to turn your card up.
(a) This ends the round.
(b) Low card loses and the holder of that card puts a dime in the dish.
(c) If more than one person has the same low card, they all pay.

9. When you have lost all three (3) of your dimes, you are on Welfare.
10. When you are on Welfare:
(a) You keep playing till you lose one more time.
(b) You are now out of the game.
11. The game continues until there are only two (2) people left at the table playing.
(a) If both people are dealt the same number and one person has a dime left and the other person has no dimes the person with the dime wins.
(b) If both people are on welfare and both are dealt the same card number another hand is dealt and a high card wins.
(c) If both people are dealt a King another hand will be dealt even if one has a dime and one is on welfare because the King is a safe card for both people. No losers this hand
12. Seats= Left to Right Deals= Right to Left
13. No food or drinks are allowed at the cardplaying tables.
To participate contact Nancy Gehring (231) 287-4307.
Age Group: Seniors
Venue: Senior Campus
Address: 2285 Trane Road Bullhead City, AZ 86442
Phone: 928 763 0193

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